Your Guide To A Homeschool Report Card Template

Homeschool families face unique challenges in preparing the curriculum and ensuring that it gets implemented well. Another challenge that these families face includes having to wrap up the year by writing a progress report.

In other words, this is awell-written portfolio which outlines the achievement of the homeschooled student needs to be created. The good news is, the task of writing a homeschool report card does not have to be a tedious one.

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It can get overwhelming if you don’t know where to start with writing a report card. Think of this as an opportunity for you to reflect on the entire curriculum and how your children have performed under the programs.

Depending on the state that you are in, producing a report card may not be necessary, but it is still an essential tool for yourself as a parent and your child. The Home Scholar offers a comprehensive report card solution for parents that are looking to summarize the achievements of their homeschooled children comprehensively.

The achievement written in the report card can be a form of encouragement for your child to continue striving and know which areas to improve in. Similar to regular school institutions, a report card can set goals for your child to work towards.

When to give out the report cards

Homeschooling report cards are given out after every semester. For this purpose, you only need to have one report card and then divide it into columns for every semester. You have the flexibility of selecting the length of your term. Homeschooling must take place a minimum 180 days out of one year. Therefore, you can divide this period in equal quarters and give out the report card after the end of every semester.

Things to include in the homeschool report card

Starting out with no experience in writing a homeschool report card can be a hurdle. You need to do your research about the requirements of a report card depending on the state that you live in. Besides that, a report card can be as concise as you’d like it to be. Here are several things that you can include in the homeschool report card.

Basic details

To start off with writing your child’s homeschool report card, you can include basic details about your student including the basic details such as age and grade level. One day, you might want to look back on the report card so you can also include a photo as a record.

Resource list

Under this section, you need to outline the resources that you used for the curriculum when you homeschool your children. Among other things that you can include are the books you let your children read or any outside classes that your children take. In cases where your students took nationally standardized tests, make sure you list those down too.


Homeschooling also involves different extracurricular activities that your students can join. Some common examples of these activities are sports or clubs.

Remember to list down the achievements that your students have received. Volunteer hours, community services or part-time jobs which they took should be recorded well.

One advantage of a homeschool report cards is that they allow you to keep detailed records of these activities and it will be advantageous for whentheywant to sign up for colleges.

Grades and attendance

There are two main types of grades which are percentage grades and number grades. To give out number grades, you must provide your students with quizzes or materials which can be graded based on a numerical value.

For a comprehensive grade reporting, you must keep track of all the grades from the semester and average all of them at the end of the semester. This will provide you with the student’s final grade.

Another type of grade is evaluation grade. This is basically rating your student based on measures such as excellent, satisfactory, needs improvement, is improving or not evaluated. Experts believe that using evaluation grades motivates students to achieve more because they are not bound to a number to measure their improvement.


A report doesn’t only needto outline the academical or cocurricular achievements. Many people believe that itis equally as important to provide a thorough evaluation of the student’s character.

As homeschooling also highly emphasizes on building one’s character, outlining the good values that the student portrayed throughout the semester can help them to assess their character.

Comments of praise

Don’t forget to write encouraging comments in the comment section. It is important that you acknowledge the strengths of the students. In areas that they find to be more challenging, praise them for the efforts that they are making to improve.

As parents are interested in building the character of their children through homeschooling, the students will highly appreciate any constructive and good comments about their performance.

Should you write a homeschool report card?

With some states not making it compulsory to retain a report card, you may be thinking twice about making once. However, your students will be interested in knowing how they did in a test. Knowing which areas to work on regarding academic, character wise or any other areas can help them to improve in the long run.

In this regard, The Home Scholar has been known to help parents create comprehensive report cards for homeschooling. They believe that is a great asset for homeschooling and it also provides an incentive for your students to work hard and keep their grades up.

Perhaps one of the best things about homeschool report cards is that your students can look back on their report cards and see how much they’ve improved academically and character wise.

For parents, it is also an encouraging tool for them to keep track of their children’s performance. Grades can be a good indicator of performance as well.

You might also find yourself reminiscing over the memories that you’ve had while teaching your children. It can also serve as a form of encouragement for yourself to see if you are on track with the curriculum you’re teaching your children.

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