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Homeschooling is an experience like no other in that it offers a whole world of learning and exploration that goes beyond academic subjects. There is a lot to learn about the process, which can be fun at times and a little technical at other times.

Homeschool transcripts are one of the few technicalities a homeschooler has to learn. It involves compiling the grades and credits earned in a school year, listing these individually and then summing up the numbers to get a grade point average.

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A transcript is then submitted to a college, and after it is reviewed along with anything else included in the application, a homeschooler’s suitability is then determined by the institution. So apart from being technical, homeschool transcripts happen to carry a lot of weight, which is why any help offered should be taken without hesitation.

Lee Binz and the Total Transcript Solution

Lee Binz is an experienced homeschooling mom who has done it all. After having labored through the task of figuring out how to make the best transcripts she could on her own, her children were successfully admitted into college with full tuition scholarships. This serves as a testimony to the fact that she excelled not only as a homeschooler but also as a transcript creator.

Too often do both learners and their parents do exceptionally well, only to finish off with transcripts that do not adequately reflect their full potential, thus jeopardizing their chances of getting into the college of their choice. After having successfully done her job as a parent, Lee Binz has now set her sights on helping other parents so that they too can share in her success.

A Complete Package

The Total Transcript Solution contains all of Lee’s vast knowledge on the matter of making transcripts packed into a distributable form. This includes an e-book that tells you everything you need to know about homeschool transcript making. Accompanying this are a number of audio files that guide you through the process of making a transcript.

A collection of templates will serve as visuals as you lay the foundations for making a transcript detailing specific grades and credit scores. This includes samples of transcripts that have been known to impress top colleges.

Apart from all the essential material that serves a course, there is also a lot of bonus material that adds to the wealth of resources available. And speaking of a guide, those who purchase the Total Transcript Solution pack will be given a free 20-minute private phone consultation with the right to a document review and all questions asked. That gives homeschoolers plenty of time to clear up any doubts and ensure that their transcript is the best that it can be. More consultations are available, should they be needed, for a small extra fee.

How it Compares

There are other transcript-making “solutions” available that might be thought to rival the Total Transcript Solution. None of them compare simply due to the fact that they do not offer the personalized service Lee’s service does.

Other services tend to generate transcripts instead of allowing users to make their own after they have properly understood what needs to be done. This makes the Total Transcript Solution more time-consuming, but as has already been emphasized, time spent getting it right will pay off in the end.

Other services may be accessible in that the material can easily be downloaded, but they are not as extensive and comprehensive. At a mere $27 a month, attaining all the secrets to creating not just a great transcript but also being a successful homeschooling parent has never be more affordable and accessible.

Overall, when weighing up its pros and (very few) cons, the Total Transcript Solution comes out a clear winner.


There are many who can testify to Lee Binz’s authenticity and the effectiveness of the Total Transcript Solution. It enriches one’s homeschooling experience in a way that eventually enhances what you get in return. Instead of allowing homeschooling to be tedious and boring, there are ways to make it both fun and rewarding, and the Total Transcript Solution does just that.

Our Top Pick For Homeschool Transcripts

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