The Best Math Workbooks High School Students Should Consider

In high school, some students struggle with Math. It is not a subject they look forward to and they wonder what purpose algebra and even Pythagoras’ Theorem will play in their lives.

If you are a parent with a child who is searching for the best math workbooks high school students should consider, then this article is for you. If your child had a not so great foundation in Math, it is never too late for them to make a turnaround.

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A workbook can be described as an activity book or manual that allows you to practice what you would have learned in school. Some school will include Math workbooks on the student book list and others may not.

But generally, all students should have a mathematics text that their teacher could give them practice questions from. Below, is a comparison of three of the best math workbooks high school students should consider.

Mastering Essential Math Skills

This workbook is available in both Kindle and paperback versions. The Kindle version of the book is obviously more expensive. However, the text has been used by many over the years.

The book has several chapters and at the end of each chapter, the student is encouraged to take an exam. When the student gets to the end of the book, there is a final exam for them to take.


The book is very easy to use.

The book comes with helpful hints; it has a “how to use” section, and it has a table of contents for easy navigation. Also, the book’s chapters flow from one topic to the next for easy understanding and foundation building.

It is not just a workbook.

Some workbooks come with just questions for each topic, but this workbook does not only have problems but lessons that come with examples. It has word problems as well.

It comes with video tutorials.

The publisher and writers make the video tutorials suitable for different learning abilities. If you learn better with instruction, video tutorials are available online.


It is a basic book.

The book is basic with very simple math topics. It has the same practice as the books before it. The only difference is that the numbers may be a bit bigger.

It has little or no explanation.

If self-learning was the intention, this book may not be the best book to use as there is little or no explanation.

The book is too easy.

The book has been described as being too easy. It may be a bit too basic for high school students and more suited for students at the middle school.

Algebra Essentials Practice Workbook with Answers

The book is available as an eTextbook or as a Paperback. If you choose the eTextbook option, it is not only cheaper but you can search, highlight salient points and create flashcards digitally. You can also adjust the font size to suit your visual needs by zooming in and out.

Navigating the book is also not a difficult exercise. The Paperback version is just a hard copy of the eTextbook. The books come with practice materials and instruction materials.


  • Some workbooks only come with some of the answers to the questions. This workbook comes with all the answers to the problems so you can cross check to see if you worked out your problems correctly.
  • The book allows teachers and parents to photocopy the book for students or their children who may need to practice. Instead of buying multiple books, photocopies can help you to share with more than one student.
  • The book not only comes with answers but also comes with a few examples, showing you methods on how to solve certain questions. These examples would be a guide to the student.


It has limited explanations.

This is a workbook, so if you expect a lot of explanation before the practice exercises, you may be a bit disappointed.

The book has wrong answers.

The publisher claims that the book comes with all the answers, but some of the answers are wrong. So, it is not really too helpful to the student when the answers are wrong.

It makes assumptions.

The text is not very systematic. It gives little instructions and assumes that students using it have a certain level of mathematical understanding, when it may not actually be the case.

The Humongous Book of Calculus

The Humongous Book of Calculus is a calculus workbook published in 2007. If you buy the book, it is filled with one thousand problems and their solutions. The book’s author was a calculus teacher and won several awards.

The one thousand practice questions are perfect for anyone who wants to become better at calculus. After all, practice makes perfect.


The book comes with one thousand questions.

One thousand questions are a lot of problems to solve. A student who is able to work through all these questions will become significantly better at calculus. It also helps that the questions come outfitted with their solutions.

It has step by step instructions.

The book comes with step by step instructions that simplify the solutions to the problems for the student’s understanding.

It can be used by college students.

The book is helpful and thorough so anyone going to college can also use it as a refresher or to assist them with having a basic understanding of the subject.


It has more examples than practice questions.

The book has more example questions with step by step solutions than questions to work on your own. This can be annoying for some students.

The topics are not organized.

The topics and questions are not ordered like how you would learn them in class. This can lead to some confusion for most students.

The Best Math Workbooks High School Students Should Consider: Conclusion

If you want the best Math workbook for your high school student, then either of the three presented will be really a good option for you. One book focuses on all things Math, the other Algebra and finally the third Calculus. The Mastering Essential Math Skills may be overlooked because it is considered to be a very basic book.

However, it beats the other two books with its online video tutorials. The book you choose though will be dependent on the Math deficiencies your child needs the most help with.

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