The Apprentice Doctor’s Medical Skills Course and Medical Kit For High School Students Review

If your teenager is passionate about becoming a medical doctor in the future, this medical skills course and medical kit is a perfect way to nurture that passion. It will allow your youngster to learn about the wonders of the human body from the perspective of those in the field of medicine. It will also help them acquire plenty of basic medical skills.

Medical skills courses and medical kits such as this one from The Apprentice Doctor will provide students with a clear grasp of basic medical concepts before they even start medical school.

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They will get the chance to familiarize themselves with the diverse collection of medical instruments, examinations, and medical procedures.

In this article, we will introduce to you one of the best learning kits for high school students that we found on the internet. This interesting medical skills course and medical kit released by The Apprentice Doctor was specially designed for high school learners who aspire to be doctors and surgeons in the future.

Key Features

The Apprentice Doctor’s medical training course and medical kit are specially designed for aspiring doctors and surgeons who are currently on a quest to get their high school diplomas. It comes in a flash drive or a DVD-ROM that is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. This medical course also has an online version.

It is packed with more than 50 practical, fun, and engaging projects to help high school students learn the basics of medical science. The medical kit comes with several items that can be used to practice medical procedures in fields such as cardiology, neurology, emergency medicine, surgery, and much more.

Another notable feature that The Apprentice Doctor has is that any student who completes the course with passing scores is provided with an internationally-accredited medical skills certificate. This documentation can be added to the student’s resume to put them ahead in the competition when they decide to enter proper medical school.

Each package comes with the flash drive or DVD-ROM that contains many projects as well as a stethoscope, set of surgical gloves, plenty of wooden tongue depressors, surgical masks, and packets of alcohol pads.

Through this course, you will learn about many things such as which medical specialty you are most well-suited for, how to perform basic physical examinations, how to properly use medical instruments, how doctors come up with an accurate diagnosis, and much more. 


  • IADL-accredited medical skills course
  • Chance to earn 75 hours of extracurricular credits in medical school
  • Comes with many basic medical tools that all doctors use
  • Designed especially for high school students
  • Over 50 engaging activities to do
  • Tackles different fields of medicine like surgery, neurology, and cardiology 


  • Some students would have preferred the book to be a hard copy instead of an e-book. 

Summary of the Features

All in all, The Apprentice Doctor is a worthy investment for those who want to learn the basics of medical science. It comes with an IADL-accredited medical training course and a medical kit packed with basic tools and equipment such as a stethoscope, surgical gloves, and masks.

It boasts over 50 practical and fun projects that introduce the child to various procedures done in different fields of medical science like surgery, neurology, cardiology, and emergency medicine.

With The Apprentice Doctor, the student also gets the answer to a lot of questions about being a doctor including which field is best for them, how to do physical examinations using common medical instruments, and the process followed to come up with an accurate diagnosis.

Anyone who finishes The Apprentice Doctor course gets to have a certificate that the student can add to their resume if they choose to continue with medical school. This course will provide them with more than 70 hours of extracurricular credits. 

The Apprentice Doctor’s Medical Skills Course and Medical Kit For High School Students vs. Other Kits

On our quest to find the best medical skills course and kit, we also came across The Apprentice Doctor’s Suture Practice Kit. Similar to the previous one, this Suture Practice Kit will also allow the child to embrace his passion for learning about medical science.

The package includes a large skin suture pad with different kinds of lacerations, nine kinds of medical instruments, and various types of suture threads and needles. With this kit, the student will have plenty of time to practice and feel confident about performing suturing for different kinds of lacerations.

The course comes in a CD-ROM and online course format that contains video training and illustration tutorials to help the child learn the basics of wound closure techniques. It is most commonly used by veterinary students but is also suited for other types of medical students. 


After laying out all of the features, highlights, and setbacks of The Apprentice Doctor’s Medical Skills Course and Medical Kit for High School, we can conclude that this product would be an amazing investment especially for students who are interested in medical science.

It comes with a flash drive and DVD-ROM that are packed with useful basic information about the many fields of medical science such as biology, neurology, surgery, and cardiology.

It also has an online course that your child can participate in. This is an IADL-accredited course, which means the student gets to have a certificate after graduating.

Furthermore, we know that all doctors need their own arsenal of medical tools to make their jobs easier and more productive. That is why this product from The Apprentice Doctor also comes with many tools that an aspiring doctor would need. It has a stethoscope, surgical gloves, and masks, as well as wooden tongue depressors.

So, if your child is thinking of going to medical school in the near future, we suggest that you buy this medical course and kit for him. In that way, he gets to have a preview of what is to come for him if he ever decides to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

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