Is Homeschooling Free?

Homeschooling is definitely not free. That’s an important fact to clear up before we get going. Besides, something as good as homeschooling should never be free, since that would eventually lead to its demise. What makes this alternative method of learning so great is the quality of education and the effective results it has. That has to come at some cost.

Why Is Homeschooling Not Free?

Without compromising on the overall quality of education offered, homeschooling can be more cost-effective than conventional means of schooling. The following is a breakdown of all the costs involved that should give one a good idea of how and why money has to be spent.

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Curriculum Costs

Ideally, you want to sign up for a certain curriculum providing all the material you will need. This will ensure that all subjects that need to be learned are learned. You could always opt to create a curriculum of your own, such as by blending elements from different sources, but the risk of leaving gaps in a child’s education is great.

Curriculum organization is best left to professionals. Of the options already provided, you are free to pick one that fits how much time you have to spare, while also checking the quality of education offered. Such curriculums are not free, but the material offered is on average equivalent to what is offered in private schools, and is much cheaper than what you would have to pay for private education.

Projects Costs

Apart from the books you need to obtain, all of which are usually included in curriculum costs, you are likely to need to purchase other material. Music lessons are one good of example of an extracurricular activity that is both common and not included in homeschooling packages. Arts and crafts, though usually not expensive, will chip into your pocket more often than not.

Most of the material needed for science projects is usually included when you purchase a homeschooling package though some additional fees might be charged. Projects such as these are flexible so that it is really up to you to decide how much you want to spend.

Home Costs

Factoring in the costs of keeping your child at home all day, every day is also recommended. Though minor, costs such as providing all three meals a day do eventually add up to something. If you have to work all day this could mean hiring someone to look after the child. Such cases are rare since most homeschooling parents work from home.

One area of homeschooling that actually reduces costs is that transportation is not an issue. Homeschooling completely cuts out gas or bus fare expenses, replacing them with minor home costs, resulting in a substantial difference.

Budgeting Costs

When comparing the costs of homeschooling with those of either public or private schools, it is important to remember that there is no comparison when it comes to results. With fairly cheap curriculums and flexible projects, anyone can afford to homeschool their children.

It will not be free, nor would you want it to be, given that it is an investment in their future. Creating a simple budget with all the aforementioned categories involved should give you a clear idea of how much will be spent on an annual basis.


After years of investing in a child’s education, there comes a time to reap the rewards. Part of this is involves preparing a homeschooling transcript, which is a summary of all that has been accomplished.

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Homeschooling may not be free, but after you have secured your child’s future, you are sure to get everything you invested back in the form the pride and accomplishment achieved. It is no doubt the best investment to make in life.

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