Is Homeschooling Accredited?

When you homeschool your child, you are primarily responsible for his or her full-time education or their part-time education if you can get a school to agree to it. Some of the questions parents often ask about homeschooling are, “Is homeschooling accredited?” and “Can my child use homeschooling records as their high school record?” The answer is, it depends.

Long ago, it may have been harder to get the answers to these questions. But now, the answer will vary depending on which state you live in and how you have set up your learning environment.

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If you are a parent who has a homeschooled child, it is of utmost importance that you do research to ensure that your child’s future is secured under a homeschooling program. The purpose of this article is to answer the question “is homeschooling accredited?”

It will give you some much-needed facts and some guidelines as to how to proceed. Some of this information is very relevant especially if you want your child to apply for college or go on to find employment when their homeschooling education is completed.

Facts About Homeschooling

Years ago, it may have been difficult for homeschoolers to get into college but top colleges are making the process easier as some homeschoolers generally have higher GPAs than students who were in the formal school system. In fact, some colleges actually allow homeschoolers to submit their work in lieu of transcripts as the transcripts are not exactly administered by an institution.

As homeschool student can earn college credits while at home. You can take advantage of distance learning, CLEP tests, and AP courses to give your child a much-needed advantage.

Homeschooled students can take the SAT examinations for college admission and do not necessarily require a GED. GEDs are associated with college dropouts and you do not want that stigma to follow your child. Homeschool students also qualify for financial aid.

Your homeschooler should be just as involved as other students by participating in sporting events and charities. It makes for a good college application and it also creates an all rounded student.

Keeping a Record

When you homeschool your child, it is your responsibility to keep records of your child’s academics. Colleges and other institutions will want to know that you have kept good records of your child’s work.

They may want you to submit a portfolio of work and some tests that your child may have taken. It may also be important that you issue standardized testing to your child.

You should also record all the resources utilized including textbooks used and the courses that were taken, even if some of the courses were taken online and the resources downloaded from online. You should probably also keep a course outline with a brief description of the course and all the content and topic areas that they cover.

Keeping an accurate record is important as it saves a lot of time especially when you have to prepare a transcript or another official document for school. You will also want to keep a good record especially if you are unable to continue homeschooling your child and want to enroll them in a program.

High School Diploma

A high school diploma is proof of completion of a high school education. It is usually issued by the high school the student attends.

In the event of homeschooling, the parents may be required to make and sign a diploma for their child. The signature of the educator validates the document. Diplomas can be purchased online or you may be able to get free samples online.

It should be professionally done if it is to be taken seriously. It should include the student’s name, a date, and a signature. It should also state that it is a high school diploma and that the student completed the course of study.

If you were closely affiliated with an academic institution while homeschooling your child, you may be able to obtain a diploma from them stating that your child satisfied the necessary requirements. They may also be able to get a diploma from an online institution.

In rare instances, they may be able to get a diploma from a local public school. Some states have these requirements and allow a homeschooled student to receive a diploma from a public school or homeschool association.


Transcript preparation is important because colleges and several employment organizations may require a listing of each course your child did whilst in school. The transcript should have each course, the credits and the grades earned.

They may or may not have a grade point average. The transcripts should be organized in a way that could be easily understood by those reading it.

If you think that you will have problems creating a transcript on your own, you should consider downloading a template or purchasing one online to guide you. It will also help the document to look a bit more official.

Is Homeschooling Accredited: Answered

So, basically, homeschooling is not really accredited. Accreditation means that an institution received accreditation for their courses from an accreditation body.

Not all academic institutions are accredited but the diplomas they issue to students are generally recognized and accepted by colleges and other institutions as the child did meet the necessary requirements for his or her schooling.

Homeschooling though is recognized by law so long as the parent meets certain educational and other requirements that are mandated by their state so you should have nothing to worry about.

If you insist on getting an accredited diploma for your child, again, you can obtain this diploma online for a fee from an accredited institution. It will be recognized and may or may not offer your child any significant advantages or disadvantages.

If you have significant concerns about the recognition of the homeschooled education you are providing for your child, you ought to talk to the education district office about it or seek counsel from a homeschooling association. A support group comprising of parents may also be a good group for you to join.

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