How Does Homeschooling Work: An Introduction to Homeschooling

Are you thinking of homeschooling your children? If yes, then you are just among the millions of parents around the world who are thinking the same thing. Homeschooling offers a lot of benefits that cannot be seen in the traditional way of schooling. So, how does homeschooling work?

Ever since its birth in the 1970s, homeschooling has been continuously gaining popularity among many families. There are a number of reasons why parents would choose to homeschool their children, and among these reasons include dissatisfaction with the available educational options and differing religious beliefs and educational philosophies.

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There are also some families who believe that the traditional school structure hinders the child in achieving his maximum potential, not only mentally but also socially, spiritually, and emotionally. Before we discuss how homeschooling works, let us first define what it really is. 

What is Homeschooling?

Before we attempt to find out the answer to that question, we first need to define what homeschooling really means. To put simply, it is a way of life wherein parents choose to educate their kid at home as an alternative to sending them to a traditional school.

Homeschooling has been around for many years and yet there are only a few million families who actually do it. However, with the continued increase in the cost of traditional schooling, many parents are starting to consider homeschooling their children.

Every year in the United States, approximately seven to 15 percent of families switch to homeschooling. 

How Does Homeschooling Work?

If you have decided to homeschool your youngsters, the very first thing that you would need to do is to check in with your state’s regulations regarding homeschooling. Every state has a different set of requirements, where some even require the family to still coordinate with their local public school.

How homeschooling is done varies greatly on every family. There are those who go freestyle wherein the flow of the lessons are based on what the child is curious and interested about.

They also do explore subject areas such as history, geography, science, and mathematics, but they are in a much different order compared to traditional school.

On the other hand, there are also families who invest in all the textbooks and religiously follow the state curriculum to the T, like the way the traditional schools work. The bottom line is that every family has a different way of approaching this new idea. 

Types of Homeschool Programs

To help you get a deeper understanding of what homeschooling is and how it works, we have compiled all the many types of homeschool programs that you and your family can choose to pursue. Each one offers a diverse set of benefits and challenges.

Traditional Homeschool Programs

As was mentioned above, there are homeschooling families who choose to follow the learning structure of a normal school setting still. They invest both time and money in following a curriculum that is virtually the same as the one used in a traditional school.

In this setting, the children are provided with quizzes, writing assignments, and tests after the homeschooling parents are done helping them out with the lesson. Every day they tackle different topics in various subject areas, and both the parent and kid work together to finish the tasks for that day.

Online Homeschool Programs

For busy homeschooling parents, online homeschool programs are a really big help. Not much hands-on training is required as compared to those who chose traditional homeschool programs.

Most of the time, these online homeschool programs have pre-recorded videos that the student is free to watch and rewatch up until the time he learns the subject at hand. Quizzes and tests are also checked and graded immediately after the child finishes them, allowing the parent to monitor the child’s progress quickly.

Blended Learning Programs

Based on its name, these are instances wherein a student learns both online and with a traditional curriculum. It allows the parents to personalize each lesson to what the child wants, and there are plenty of subject areas to choose from.

Additionally, it provides the parents with the freedom to choose which subjects are they going to teach their kids, and which subjects they would hire an online expert to teach. Simply put, blended learning programs are based on your child’s preferred learning style.


This method of homeschooling is where families allow their kids to learn freely. There is no curriculum to be followed; each lesson solely relies on what interests the kid.

Many parents desire to embrace this kind of homeschooling because they believe that when the child is genuinely curious about the subject, only then would he be able to understand it fully.

The main focus of unschooling falls on encouraging learning and exploration through non-traditional methods such as traveling, extra-curricular activities, elective classes, household responsibilities, and play. 


Homeschooling, even though it has been around for decades, is still a fairly new method of teaching and learning as compared to traditional school. This is the reason the reason why only a handful of families around the world risk to try it out.

If you are among those who are thinking of making the switch from traditional school to homeschooling, then you have a lot of research and paperwork to do before you can even start.

You would have to decide which type of homeschooling program is best for your kid.

It is also important that you make the kid join in the discussion as to what kind of homeschooling method he would want to partake in. Always remember, homeschooling would only work the way it should if you and your kid are working together towards the same goal.

The next stage would be to check in with your local government and be up-to-date with the latest regulations regarding homeschooling. Some state would require you to work hand-in-hand with a local traditional school, which would also act as a guide to make sure that your kid is learning the things that he would need in order to survive in this world.

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