Homeschool Transcript for College

High school transcripts detail the scores and grades received throughout a homeschooler’s years. This includes showing both grades and credits for every single subject and course taken. The numbers are added up according to a specific formula and a final grade is attained. It is this grade, and how a student came to get it, that colleges are interested in. The numbers reflect the student’s potential.

While there may be more to a person than what their transcript shows, the transcript is what colleges use to sift through thousands of applications. This is why it is of the utmost importance to get your transcript right and make sure it provides both an accurate and impressive reflection of your academic achievements.

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What to Show In A Homeschool Transcript for College

The first rule of making a transcript is that you have to show all the studies taken. Even the ones that may not look very impressive, supposing they have low grades and credits, serve to show that some work was done that expanded your knowledge in the area, no matter how limited that knowledge may be.

Secondly, though perhaps more importantly, you need to be accurate in the numbers and grades included in a transcript. This means showing specific ratings, such as B-, instead of just a B. Credits are usually divided into fractional amounts as well. They also have to be true scores of grades achieved.

Overall, a cumulative GPA, or the grade point average, sums up just how much has been achieved academically. It is also a number that is used to grade a student on a scale by comparing them with others. This includes comparing achievements with those who haven’t been homeschooled to get a good impression of where one stands.

Increasing Numbers

The best way to make an impressive transcript is to be an impressive student. If you still have time, do as well as you can to improve your grades, taking the extra time to strengthen both areas you are weak at and even the ones you are good at.

Time itself can work in your favor as it will improve your credit scores and GPA. Colleges today not only accept homeschoolers at a higher rate than they do those who studied in schools, but they also actively look for homeschoolers, and there is a good reason for this. The flexibility offered by homeschooling allows homeschoolers to dedicate more time to get better grades.

The method of learning at home in and of itself is a more effective teaching method and that is naturally reflected in the grades achieved. The fact is that each individual homeschooler determines what their final transcript will look like. This is why it is important to seek guidance on the matter from the beginning.

Transcript Guidance

If you haven’t already submitted a transcript to a college, it is never too late to seek out real help of the kind that will ensure your transcript is the best it can be. The best guide would be an experienced homeschooler with extensive experience in creating transcripts that have attracted the attention of different top universities. Fortunately, such a guide is available for anyone looking to submit a transcript to a college, with in the immediate or more distant futures.

Lee Binz is one such experienced guru. The Total Transcript Solution is a complete package that will offer all the material and resources you need to create a transcript that the best colleges around the world will take note of.

Lee will guide you expertly through the process in a professional and personalized way that guarantees the best results. This extends to more than just the format and formulae applied to making a transcript. She offers the wisdom of a mother who has learned from experience, reaped the benefits of success, and is now intent on sharing all that wisdom to benefit others. This makes the Total Transcript Solution stand out from other transcript generators.


Making a homeschool transcript for colleges can be a tricky business. When done right, however, it will help open the door to a world of opportunities. There is no doubt then that this small document could tip the scales. It’s up to you to make it all work out for you.

Our Top Pick For Homeschool Transcripts

Create a Winning High School Transcript at Home!

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