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Homeschooling is a big responsibility. While you’re not influencing the future of an entire classroom as a regular teacher does, there is still a lot to be done when homeschooling your own children, especially if you want the best for them.

The problem is only compounded when dealing with other issues that take up your time. Working and homeschooling at the same time isn’t an impossible task, especially as your child gets older, but a certain degree of organization and planning is needed in order to make it work. This is true for both working and stay-at-home parents alike.

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Developing a Homeschool Planner

There are countless other necessities that can take up time. It then becomes clear that homeschool planning is an essential part of the entire system. In just 5 easy steps, however, you can make it all work.

Step 1 – Analyze the Curriculum

A great place to start is by analyzing the curriculum you opted for. Some level of planning will already have been provided, but it won’t be enough on its own to help you meet your child’s personal objectives. These are the personal goals aimed at bringing the best out of your child. It is then your responsibility to ensure that these goals are followed through, met in due time, and that all the channels available to advance certain skill sets are open.

There are often a number of time gaps offered in homeschooling curriculums, so all you need to do is fill these in, strategically adding whatever needs to be added in a way that doesn’t overburden your child.

Step 2 – Make a Schedule

The next step involves taking time into consideration. You may have already decided on the times of day when both curricular and extracurricular activities will take place, but you still need to take into account the amount of time to allot to each subject.

Categorizing all subjects into different groups of short, medium, and long activities will help you organize a daily schedule. There are certain activities that are done once a week, others that take several days to complete, and these all need to be sorted before pasting them onto a calendar.

Mix long activities with shorter ones, find time for the big projects, and all should work out well. Sketching all of this with visual aids helps make it easier to manage time and identify possible conflicts.

Step 3 – Record Everything

Record everything. Homeschooling should be no reason to stop your child showing off all of the achievements they have made over the years. It is yet another one of your responsibilities to authentically preserve these achievements that can later be used for their accreditation.

Scoring high on SAT tests and the like is important, but what the best higher learning institutions look for, as well as future employees, is just how much a student has achieved beyond what is expected of them.

Flexibility or a profound level of knowledge on a particular subject will score points for a student in ways standardized tests could never hope to do for them. Safeguard these accomplishments and you safeguard their future.

Step 4 – Prepare a Homeschool Transcript

The total of all of that a homeschooled student has achieved, added with the organization of their supervisors, can be summed up as a transcript. This single document, when formatted the way it ought to be, serves as a single testimony to all the hard work and genius that has come from the student’s homeschooled years.

This transcript should encapsulate what this method of learning has achieved for the child. The effectiveness of homeschooling is evidenced by high admission rates at universities around the world.

Step 5 – Create a Homeschool Transcript

Finally, you need to find ways to learn how to properly create a homeschool transcript. This fifth step may take only a few minutes of your time, but considering that all 4 steps depend on this, it is crucial that much thought is given to how to go about it.

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Sit back and take pride in your child’s accomplishments!

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