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Homeschooling has many rewards. Realizing all the benefits it offers, an increasing number of parents are deciding to pull their kids out of the public schooling system to watch their kids flourish in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be allowed.

The homeschooling system isn’t without its challenges though. Organizing schedules, reviewing material and testing what has been learned all needs to be done in a way that is both effective and convenient. Moreover, since teaching is often done by parents, helping nurture their child’s skills and capabilities is important. This is because it will help them decide what profession they will eventually choose.

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There are a few important steps to be made that will help children get to where they want, and it is essential that these are done right.

Planning for the Future: Homeschool High School Transcript

It is important to think about the future when planning daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules. As a child progresses from elementary school to high school, the amount of material they need to cover increases, so the need for greater organization also increases.

After all the work done, by both the parent and the child, it would be a shame if none of it was recorded. Keeping careful track of all that has been accomplished will prove useful in submitting applications to colleges.

From the first year of homeschooling all the way to the last year of high school, recording important events that show just where a student excels will form a crucial part of ensuring that student’s success in life. These records are kept in the form of a high school transcript.

High School Transcripts

A high school transcript goes to show just how much a student has covered during their homeschooling years. It is a document that testifies to the authenticity of the education received in order to prove to higher learning institutions that the student is qualified and capable to make the next step in advancing their career.

A good transcript is composed of many different categories that each testify to areas in which an individual excels. Ideally, it should reveal either extensive knowledge of a number of subjects or profound knowledge of a few subjects. The point is to highlight what is best about your student so that universities and the like can appreciate their skills and abilities better than they would if left to a standardized evaluation.

A properly organized transcript with details of various accomplishments and achievements over the years will improve the student’s chances of being admitted to just about any university. In fact, no homeschooling program is complete without one, since it is the final stamp that confirms a student has completed high school.

Creating a Transcript

Creating a transcript isn’t hard, but it does require that you be scrupulous about the task. After all, the more details you put in on a regular basis, the less likely you are to forget to include achievements that will add up to something impressive. The key is to start right at the beginning, creating a weekly schedule that details all that has been accomplished and then staying true to that until the end of each high school year.

It should include results obtained in SAT tests or the high school equivalency of your native country as well as a summary of grades received during high school years. It should also include additional subjects learned, especially those that a student is proficient at, as well as any other activities and courses that show a range of skills.

Because of all that is at stake when creating a high school transcript, experienced help should be obtained where possible. The Total Transcript Solution, a package offered by a former homeschooling parent, offers all the material and guidance you could ask for. It helps you create the ultimate high school transcript that will improve college application chances. This program isn’t based on a single testimonial but is something many can testify to.


Getting all the help you can to create a formidable high school transcript may take a few weeks of your time, especially when seeking formal help such as the Total Transcript Solution, but the benefits will be reaped throughout your child’s entire lifetime.

Our Top Pick For Homeschool Transcripts

Create a Winning High School Transcript at Home!

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