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A homeschool transcript written at the end of high school can be tough to create. This is because it carries with it the weight of showing the hard work and commitment a student gave during their high school years. This includes academic achievements, skills learned and other noteworthy accomplishments.

The burden of getting this right is then understandably felt by those who have to create their own homeschool transcripts. It becomes even more difficult when considering all the technicalities that can determine whether the transcript looks informal and unimpressive or professional and sure to grab the attention of all concerned.

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All of this assumes you have recorded achievements from the get-go. There can be nothing more painful than being turned down for the college of your dreams because you left out some achievement that would have improved your transcript. It then becomes clear that help in some form or another is needed.

Solutions: Homeschool High School Transcript Generator

A number of different services are available that help generate high school homeschool transcripts. These are usually offered online so that anyone anywhere has access to the services, and they all promise to make the job easier. While this may be true, there is more to the service than sheer convenience, and it is important to know the criteria.

Naturally, since you are looking for help, you will want the highest quality service. This starts with knowing what you can afford. It’s tempting to buy the cheapest service available, but this might mean that the transcript generator is not as good as could be.

What you want to look at is just how far the service is willing to go to consider your particular case. The lowest quality services offer a formula that allows you to quickly insert relevant data in order to quickly generate a transcript.

The highest quality service will take all that you have, show you how to compile the relevant data, and then add formalities and clear any doubts you may have. It will also take into consideration special achievements, making sure that nothing is left out. As it so happens, such a high-quality transcript generating service is available, and it doesn’t cost much either.

Total Transcript Solution

Total Transcript Solution doesn’t just give you a generic transcript. It deals with each individual differently, working with their particular aspirations and goals. That is why it leaves some of the work up to you. It offers all the guidance you need in the form of a downloadable e-book, mp3 files and templates that all work to give you a solid idea of what needs to be done.

The instructions are clear, covering all the standard items to be included as well as the formatting. It is also highly customizable making it the best generator available, as individual accomplishments, skills and abilities will be shown on the final transcript.

It also offers all the resources you need to learn more about the subject. Personal assistance is made available in the form of consultations, the first 20 minutes of which can be done for free should you have any additional questions or doubts.

Despite all of this, the Total Transcript Solution service package is something everyone can afford. This makes it by far the best option available for anyone looking for a transcript generator.

Looking Forward

Once your transcript is done, it’s time to submit it to colleges and employers to show what you have to offer. While this is a complex process with its own challenges, remembering that the hardest part is behind you should provide enough encouragement.

In fact, the hardest part came before you began to create the transcript, starting with the first year of high school. If you have already come that far and you have something to show for it, there really are no limits to how much further you can go.

Our Top Pick For Homeschool Transcripts

Create a Winning High School Transcript at Home!

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