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Homeschool Transcript Sample

Creating a transcript is something all homeschoolers have to do. Since there is no high school to authenticate and testify to all the grades received through one’s high school years, transcripts serve this purpose, documenting every single grade received. There is an official way to compile this information so that it is easily recognizable and […]

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Homeschooling Facts

Homeschooling is a great form of alternative schooling suitable for anyone who is interested in it. Just like the schooling system, it does have its pros and cons, though the pros far outweigh the cons. That statement proves to be true after a quick look at all the following impressive homeschooling facts. Homeschooling is suitable […]

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Total Transcript Solution – Review

Homeschooling is an experience like no other in that it offers a whole world of learning and exploration that goes beyond academic subjects. There is a lot to learn about the process, which can be fun at times and a little technical at other times. Homeschool transcripts are one of the few technicalities a homeschooler […]

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Homeschool Transcript for College

High school transcripts detail the scores and grades received throughout a homeschooler’s years. This includes showing both grades and credits for every single subject and course taken. The numbers are added up according to a specific formula and a final grade is attained. It is this grade, and how a student came to get it, […]

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Homeschool High School Transcript

Homeschooling has many rewards. Realizing all the benefits it offers, an increasing number of parents are deciding to pull their kids out of the public schooling system to watch their kids flourish in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be allowed. The homeschooling system isn’t without its challenges though. Organizing schedules, reviewing material and testing what has […]

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Best Programs for Homeschooling

According to the National Home Education Research Institute, the homeschooling sector is growing by leaps and bounds- and is likely the most rapidly growing form of education. The popularity of this choice has led to the development of more resources than before. Therefore, it’s easy to get started in this process- but it can also […]

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What Are the Benefits of Homeschooling?

These days, more and more families are opting to teach their children at home instead of sending them to the formal environment of public or private schools. In the case of homeschooling, the parents take on the responsibility of their child’s education. Since parents are spending more time with their children and having the patience […]

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What is Required on a Homeschool Transcript?

If you have a student in high school that you are homeschooling, it’s critical that you understand you are the one responsible for his/her high school transcript in order to apply for colleges, scholarships, and in some cases, employment. This is definitely nothing to panic over. Simply check out The Home Scholar’s Total Transcript Solution […]

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