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How to Make a Homeschool Transcript

Homeschooling is a great way to learn. It equips children with all the necessary tools to succeed as adults in an increasingly competitive society. It can be as diverse as a standardized schooling curriculum, covering every single subject and activity, or it could be go more deeply into a few subjects. For all of this […]

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Homeschool High School Transcript Generator

A homeschool transcript written at the end of high school can be tough to create. This is because it carries with it the weight of showing the hard work and commitment a student gave during their high school years. This includes academic achievements, skills learned and other noteworthy accomplishments. The burden of getting this right […]

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Is Homeschooling Free?

Homeschooling is definitely not free. That’s an important fact to clear up before we get going. Besides, something as good as homeschooling should never be free, since that would eventually lead to its demise. What makes this alternative method of learning so great is the quality of education and the effective results it has. That […]

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Reasons to Homeschool

To the outside world, especially those who haven’t taken the time to learn the facts, homeschooling is perceived to be limiting. Homeschooled kids are stereotypically timid, fragile and unable to compete in society that is deemed too tough for them. These are just mild examples of what some people think the effects of alternative education […]

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Homeschool Planner

Homeschooling is a big responsibility. While you’re not influencing the future of an entire classroom as a regular teacher does, there is still a lot to be done when homeschooling your own children, especially if you want the best for them. The problem is only compounded when dealing with other issues that take up your […]

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Homeschool Transcript Service

As much as homeschooling is about independence and facing the academic world’s more technical challenges on your own, there are some things that are simply best left to qualified and experienced professionals. This can range from curriculums and deciding the topics and subjects that are important to study to minor but important formalities. Such formalities […]

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Steps for Creating a Homeschool Transcript

One of the biggest challenges of getting a homeschooler accepted into college is proving to the admission’s offices that their homeschool education really did include the rigors found in traditional school- and more! You can easily accomplish this goal by creating a professional homeschool transcript. Simple Steps for Creating a Homeschool Transcript Check out The […]

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Steps for Homeschooling Your Student

Homeschooling is a great way to develop and maintain a connection with your child, along with a host of other benefits. Following, you will find some information that will reveal how you can homeschool your child while also making sure they remain social and are happy about learning. Important Steps for Homeschooling Your Student In order […]

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5 Tips to Get Started with Homeschooling

Once you have come to the conclusion that you want to homeschool your student, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. You may think to yourself some of the following questions (and more): How can I take my child out of school? What should I be teaching him/her? Where do I get textbooks? What about […]

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